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tiittanaamaTiitta Vaulos
Nordic Insight, Innovations and Future specialist
Human values will make our future world thrive

I am a future enthusiast and fascinated about studying successful new innovations – and the secrets behind them. I believe strongly in human centricity as a new foundation for success.

I work as an Insight Director and during my career have worked with several Nordic companies. I have also been involved, as an editor-in-chief in a e-book about future consumer scenarios. In my early career I was an entrepreneur and involved in projects that helped small start-ups go international.

The Nordic Way is a project initiated by me but it also involves a lot of people. We are only taking first steps in this project so I warmly welcome you to join the Journey.

Thrive global

Nordic way -project is involved with Arianna Huffingtons new Thrive Global site as an official contributor. We are happy that Arianna found this project interesting and asked us to join.  https://www.thriveglobal.com/

”It’s time to move from knowing what to do to actually doing it.”

– Arianna Huffington

You can reach me by email nordicblog(at)gmail.com or leave a message here.

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