Introducing the Nordic way

The Nordic societies have by tradition based their existence on humanity, destined to build a thriving, but a the same time a very human society. As a result Nordic countries are among the best countries in the world on numerous meaningful areas of life: Happiness, safety, equality, clean air, pure water, work-life balance, education system, top notch design – but also innovativeness,the amount of unicorns and competitiveness.

Nordic countries are top ranked in the world on numerous meaningful areas of life and have managed to combine Happiness & Competitiveness, Safety & Creativity, Balance & Pioneering — and latest technology with deep humanity.

Is it luck? Genius politics? Geographical location? Nature of people? Probably all of that. I am certain that many of those human forces, the roots of the success can be found deep in the Nordic way of seeing and living the life: The Nordic way.

The goal is my new project is to identify the forces, the deep human values that can help to build up better world, better cities, better companies and better innovations. To benefit as many people as possible: companies, governments, NGO´s, start-ups, projects, programs and individuals around the world.

The human forces are inspired by the Nordic success in lifestyle and business.

Nordic values driving Nordic lifestyle
Grass-roots level, human-to-human
Strength, breaking the ice (literally I might add)
Accessibility, opening new doors
Vitality, happiness, wellbeing as a goal
Creativity, re-invention
Authenticity, honesty
Silence, balance & harmony
Minimalism, simplicity & plainness
Green power & nature
Idealism, no goal is too big

This project is not about politics nor is it about the political model of the Nordics. The key interest is in the human powers, identifying the ones that can by inspiration help to build up better world, better cities, better companies and better innovations everywhere.

I am honored if you decide to follow the journey – or take part in it in some way. 

Nordicfying= Leading way to the future world where humanity is the new premium.


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