The era of human revolution

We now live in the era of a human revolution. The power is shifting away from the brands, institutions, politicians – to the people. Distant, un-authentic brands, companies and politicians will diminish and human values will thrive. For good and for bad.

The long-lasting recession has permanently changed the way we perceive value. People are increasingly seeking premium for products and categories they care deeply about. Technology is further enabling this search for value.

We will thus see the rise of new premium that will consist of core human values.The value-centric and empowered people will increasingly yearn for better life, better products, even better cities -based on deeper core values like sustainability, humanity and wellbeing. And even the rest of us will value a more human-centered lifestyle.

How the Nordic way could help us to build better life and business?

The Nordic societies have by tradition based their existence on humanity, destined to build a thriving, but a the same time a very human society. As a result Nordic countries are among the best countries in the world on numerous meaningful areas of life: Happiness, safety, equality, clean air, pure water, work-life balance, education system, top notch design – but also innovativeness,the amount of unicorns and competitiveness.

The Nordic countries have thus, in many ways, managed to combine economics, adoption of newest technology and wellbeing.

Is it luck? Genius politics? Geographical location? Nature of people? Probably all of that. But the roots of success can also be found deep in our heritage & the way of seeing and living the life: The Nordic way.

In my new project, The Nordic way, I plan to test and co-create a simple model to identify the forces driving future proof innovations. The forces are inspired by the Nordic culture, lifestyle and success factors but at the same time they are to be relevant widely in western countries. The forces will be identified in detail as the project proceeds there will be inspiration of each force.

The Nordic forces – preliminary
1 Equality, accessibility, sharing
2 Vitality, strength, independence
3 Co-creation, creativity, re-inventing
4 Honesty, transparency & authenticity
5 Silence, balance & harmony
6 Minimalism, simplicity & plainness
7 Green power & nature

This project is not about politics nor is it about the political model of the Nordics. The key interest is in the human powers, identifying the ones that can by inspiration help to build up better world, better cities, better companies and better innovations everywhere. I am honored if you decide to follow the journey – and take part in it. 

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