It is time for the rise of humanity

We have entered a watershed moment globally. The economic divide, the political divide, and the cultural divide have suddenly widened. Our world is fragile, more so than anyone might have thought. We see too much of greed, selfishness and ego-talk.

We have also witnessed  the rise of hatred, divisions and even racism in politics. For some reason we now seem to look for answers from leaders who carry these “cold” values.

Otto Schirmer, Senior lecturer at MIT, has talked about a blind spot that has kept us from seeing and shifting the deeper forces at play. Why, again and again, do we collectively create results that most people don’t want, Schirmer asks. 

The MIT lab platform Schirmer is involved with aims nothing less than to update key operating codes on which our societies operate.  We have to start contributing  wellbeing for all, not just wealth for some. Schirmer also hopes for a shift from ego-system economics to eco-system economics.  And finally,  he says, we must re-activate the deep human capacity to create us a better future.

To put it blank, we must do something. We all together.

We might have messed up the key forces behind our societies. But, as Schirmer states,  our capacity to regenerate them from the deepest source of our humanity is also more present and available than ever. We just need to use it.

This takes us directly to the core of a new project that I am now starting far away in the Nordics where human values have always driven the society.

I welcome you to follow my new project “the Nordic way.”  I am taking a journey right into the deep core values that can drive to a more human, better future.

The goal is to identify the forces, the deep human values that can help to build up better world, better cities, better companies and better innovations. I am certain that many of those human forces, the roots of the success can be found deep in the Nordic way of seeing and living the life: The Nordic way.

Nordic countries are top ranked in the world on numerous meaningful areas of life and have managed to combine Happiness & Competitiveness, Safety & Creativity, Balance & Pioneering – and latest technology with deep humanity.

The journeys starts now. I am privileged if you decide to follow us on our route. You will find more on the project at

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